Padina Has Finally Arrived!The 100% organic solution to grew your eylashes BOTANICAL EYELASH CONDITIONER Fastest Glowing Organic Formula for Eyelashes

A new era in eyelash organic serum that works

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NO SIDE EFFECT Until now, most eyelash fluids... are chemical based cloned on glaucoma drugs that widen cappilaries and veins around the eyes to allow more blood blow. but this causes many side effects.Padina has no side effect that chemical product do for example: No itchiness, No swelling, No dark skin & iris and No in-grown lashes

Padina eyelash serum has many benefits:First full organic formula! 100% Botanical...No chemicals, No drugs All botanical and mineral extracts You can feel easy and safe using Padina. Quantity,Beauty,Length, Padina does not force your veins to dilate unnaturally. Stimulates your natural existing lashes, follicles and sebaceous glands to facilitate faster and healthier growth.

Celebrities love Padina...because of it’s ingredients 100% Organic and it work.Most doctors recommend it for 4 reasons.

With beautiful lashes, it’s easier to do make-up. Eyelash extensions pros use Padina to get more lashes so they can get more extensions and they last longer because they can use more glue surface and lashes have longer life cycles.

Many famous people + women’s magazines + cosmetic media have explained the benefits creating aa lot of buzz on Padina.

Used professionaly by many celebrities. Marie,Sakura Uehara,Hinano Yoshikawa, Many models are daily users.

 also Selected by Celebrity Gifting Suite Pre-Golden Globe Awards! Selected by Celebrity Gifting Suite at the Cannes Film Festival!


Even with no make-up you can look great Testimonials Until now I’ve been very satisfied doing my eyelash extensions. And then a friend introduced me to Padina.I applied it morning and night everyday after taking off my male-up.After 1 month my lashes were longer.I also felt my lashes become thicker and saw that I had more.And it’s all my natural lashes that’s what so great about it.I am so happy!from Padina fan:Sakura Uehara’s Blog

Get rid of patchy blank spots with no lashes nor eyebrows!I have been subjected to having blank areas - no hair - on the left side of my  eyebrows and have been trying many products to get me back to normal. When I swithed to Padina, 1 time a day didn’t cut it so, I went on to 3 times a day and saw the great results. I look more than normal now. Very happy.

Exceptionally safe! Recommended by medical personnel!

After cancer treatment, patients are using Padina to help grow back their lashes and brows. After cancer treatment, I lost all my eyelashes  and eyebrows. Each products prescribed to me was so toxic and had immediate side effects. I was at a loss. So roaming through a small high-end cosmetic shop the owner recommended Padina, which, she said, is made of 100% organic ingredients and easy on the eyes and skin. My eyelashes started to grow back evenly and fuller just after 2 weels. I was thrilled to have my lashes and eyebrows back in force now. Great stuff.


What is the formula and why is safe?

Being 100% organic formula, all ingredients hamful to the body have been eliminated. Padina has chosen the best quality natural botanical ingredients that are targeted to be useful to eyelash and eyebrow growth and well-being. All natural.

Can we use Padina with eyelash extensions?

Yes... but apply Padina only 4 days after doing your extensions so as to let the glue dry up completely. The benefits of using Padina is that longer lashes allows more glue surface... making your extensions stick stronger and last longer. Also with more lashes you will have a fuller set of lashes and extensions.

What is the best way to use Padina?

Start using Padina once a day for 1st week. From the 2nd week, start applying it twice a day to get a fuller and faster result. For best results start applying Padina before sleep and after you wake up. Please wash and dry face before using Padina. Note: You should discontinue use of padina if you develop allergies after use.

How long does it last?

Padina lasts up to 5 months when used once a day. After 3 months you can stop using for 1 month and then start again for 3 months. Or another way, is to start (after using of Padina 2 to 3 months) using Padina to continue to apply it every 2 or 3 days instead of every day, to maintain the obtained growth.

Try it... we guaranty results if you use as indicated. We are sure you will be thrilled with the results.